RAFW Runway Report: Lucette Spring/Summer 2010

The sound of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Heads will roll” playing at the start of the Lucette show got my attention instantly. I had immediate love for any designer who included one of my favourite songs on their runway soundtrack. But enough about me, the clothes! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were what grabbed my attention, and the clothes were what kept it.

The clothes at Lucette were, to use a fashion cliché, very “wearable”. I would indeed be willing to go out tomorrow and buy these clothes so I could wear them. I think it was the parade of blacks, grays and earthy colours that got me. My wardrobe seems to strongly suggest I have a weakness for these tones.

Glam rock was a key element of Lucette. The hairstyles were reminiscent of Ziggy Stardust and what could be more glam rock than Ziggy Stardust? The detailing on the shoulders also gave the outfits an ‘80s feel. This isn’t to say they were shoulder pads but rather, leather detailing and caps sewn onto the shoulders to give that extra edge to jackets and short-sleeved shirts.

The prominence of leather also extended to vests and waist belts flattering enough to give any body type the illusion of a cinched waist and curves. I also liked that their leather pants were actually pants, rather than leggings, which I think I have seen on runways way too often for my liking.

Last of all, the dresses. I simply adored the white futuristic-looking dress with subtle cut outs in it. The shoulders sort of reminded me of the Roland Mouret galaxy dress. There was also a cute gray dress layered with tulle, with interesting straps that I liked and again, there’s that word, found very “wearable”. I would definitely say, “Yeah Yeah Yeah” to this collection.

Visit our Flickr site for images of the full runway collection. We update our galleries every few hours! : http://www.flickr.com/photos/designerdirection/

Review by: Susie Yoon
Header Image Supplied by: Fashionising.com
Photography: Edward Hor

2 Responses to “RAFW Runway Report: Lucette Spring/Summer 2010”
  1. trashtastika says:

    Love the shoulder harnesses, use of leather and overall rock vibe. Cool!

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