RAFW Runway Report: Sara Phillips Spring/Summer 2010

Before the show even started, I was very pleased to see Sara Phillips had rearranged the Cargo Theatre to allow for a better view and a longer, maze-like runway. A) This gave me more time to furiously scribble notes in my notebook a la newbie journalista and B) more time to take in the beautiful outfits a la wannabe fashionista.

Sara Phillips gave us a glimpse of the Arizona desert, drawing subtle inspiration from the cowgirl look and ranch life. Along with the belts, circular skirts, and obligatory cowgirl hats, the show offered many variations on the cowgirl shirt, which I wholeheartedly approve of – who says collared shirts are just for men?

I loved the styling of the sky blue cowgirl shirt as a jacket over the white dress, tied effortlessly together in the middle. It made the outfit look so casual and coordinated without being “put-together”. Although, I’m afraid I cannot say the same for the same sky blue shirt paired with the sky blue trousers, which I couldn’t help but feel resembled denim-on-denim pyjamas.

As for the colour scheme, it was reminiscent of the Fall/Winter 2010 collection with its use of delightful pastel tones. The wonderfully subdued soft pinks, pale blues and desert tans gave a carefree, feminine aura to each outfit. The frill detailing found on some of the sleeves and hemlines complemented the colour scheme perfectly.

Another detail I particularly loved were the double straps (sometimes on one shoulder, sometimes on both) on some of the shirts and dresses, which gave each outfit that extra amount of uniqueness and sensuality to create almost but not quite, bare shoulders.

I definitely appreciated how the Sara Phillips show was run as much as the collection itself. There was a double-strap one-shouldered dress, designed in pink, grey and black, which caught my eye and it was fantastic how all three colour-offerings were sent down the runway together to allow for comparisons if like me you’re ridiculously indecisive when it comes to clothes. It was little details like this and the little details that were found on the runway pieces that made Sara Phillips a great show.

Visit our Flickr site for images of the full runway collection. We update our galleries every few hours! : http://www.flickr.com/photos/designerdirection/

Review by: Susie Yoon
Photography: Edward Hor

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