RAFW Runway Report: Konstantina Mittas Spring/Summer 2010

The architectural designs at Konstantina Mittas suggested that the sky was the limit in this designer’s craftsmanship. The 3-D detailing of the sleeves and on side panels of shorts and skirts made for a futuristic spectacle. Even the hairstyles of the models were structure-like, resembling beehives at the back.

As architectural as the designs were however, Konstantina Mittas managed to avoid the possibility of the outfits looking too heavy. Mittas paired designs with overtly dramatic 3-D detail such as the one-shouldered dress with flowing side panels, with sheer fabric up top to provide a nice contrast that also flattered the proportions.

This architectural inspiration remained a constant throughout the show and along with the focused colour scheme, made for one of the most cohesive collections I’ve seen at RAFW. Because the collection relied so heavily on one colour (black), it meant the outfits were differentiated in more creative ways than simply repeating the same piece in different colours.

One detail I loved was the detached collar and “sleeves” which gave the little black dress it was paired with that extra amount of character and made it one to remember. It was a change from the old “let’s use jewellery to spice up this outfit” adage.

The tribal necklaces were an unexpected touch but they were an interesting complement to the aesthetic. Even the appearance of cut out tights, which I don’t think I will ever be a fan of, didn’t faze me. Both of these and more worked seamlessly with the avant garde nature of Konstantina Mittas’ designs.

Visit our Flickr site for images of the full runway collection. We update our galleries every few hours! : http://www.flickr.com/photos/designerdirection/

Review by: Susie Yoon
Photography: Edward Hor


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