RAFW Swimwear Report: Kooey Australia Summer 2010

I arrived at the Kooey Australia show wondering if I was in the right place. There were rugby players (I’m not really up to date with my Australian sports celebrity knowledge but I think they were rugby players) seated in the front row and smug looking corporate guys scattered around the room. I thought, “This is odd for a fashion event…” Then I realised, swimwear show= half-naked women= rugby players/corporate guys/a lot of guys’ dream.

That wasn’t the only difference between Kooey Australia and the other shows I had been to though. Most shows opened with a video montage, musical performance or just jumped straight into the collection so it was interesting to see Kooey Australia introduce their show with a political message acknowledging the Indigenous community of Australia. A touch of celebrity glamour was added by the appearance of Miss Universe Australia, Rachel Finch who gave a short speech.

The Spring/Summer 2010/11 collection was inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful Ningaloo reef in Western Australia. Bright blues, greens and purples provided a spectacle of colour that captured the essence of an untouched paradise perfectly.

A major influence in the collection was the distinctive dot art found in the heart of many Indigenous Australian communities. Dot art string bikinis, dot art one-pieces, dot art summer t-shirt dresses, dot art trim. These all gave a uniquely Australian take on summer.

These dot art prints were nicely complemented by cute frills. I especially liked the layered frill detailing on the black bandeau bikini with ocean blue dot art. The matching frill detail on the bottoms almost made it look like a short skirt, which gave it a lovely playful flair.

Overall, Kooey Australia was a lot of fun and didn’t take itself too seriously- the perfect recipe for summer.

Visit our Flickr site for images of the full runway collection. We update our galleries every few hours! : http://www.flickr.com/photos/designerdirection/

Review by: Susie Yoon
Photography: Edward Hor


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