RAFW Runway Report: Ms Couture Lingerie Spring/Summer 2010

Cutout knickers, balconette bras, tumbling curls and long silk gowns – Ms Couture was certainly a show that the men could appreciate- and appreciate they did! Hoodie-sporting non-fashion dudes in the front row were barely able to lift their jaws from the floor as they ogled the scantily clad maidens waltzing past.

The entire first half of the show was comprised of milky, white chocolate hues and combined with luscious curly coifs; it was quite a sight to behold. There is often a tendency for critics to quickly dismiss lingerie and swimwear shows as simply being about half naked women strutting their stuff and I must admit that I am guilty of this assumption. Needless to say, I was surprised when Ms Couture sent out their first model, who was a virginal vision with her white peplum jacket, floor-length skirt and a corsage at the waist. So well structured was the outfit that if I hadn’t known that Ms Couture was a lingerie label, I might have mistaken it for a very sexy evening look.

Of course, there were also many straightforward lingerie ensembles with white balconette bras, playful fluffy hems and sheer corsets. Naturally, with sheer being a huge trend for RAFW ’10, translucency was nicely incorporated into many of the garments. Another mega trend which Ms Couture worked with gusto was the cutout look featuring a pair of racy cutout black knickers. That’s right. If you thought knickers weren’t already sexy enough, Ms Couture just made them a whole lot sexier.

The second half of the show was a stark juxtaposition with black drenching the garments and even the hairdos hugely contrasted that of the first half with a severe bun sitting atop the models’ heads. One look which drew much admiration from a gentleman seated next to myself was the black corset with a dazzling panel in the centre.

All in all, a fun boudoir affair with a combination of delicate naivete and dark sauciness, Ms Couture was a masterful swipe at those aforementioned critics.

Visit our Flickr site for images of the full runway collection. We update our galleries every few hours! : http://www.flickr.com/photos/designerdirection/

Review by: Kelly Jin
Photography: Edward Hor

One Response to “RAFW Runway Report: Ms Couture Lingerie Spring/Summer 2010”
  1. skyebro says:

    Thank-you DD I have been searching the internet for some decent info and coverage of this brand! Cheers and there is some lovely photography btw!

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