Runway Hair How-to Guide: Annah Stretton

For Annah Stretton’s S/S 2010/11 RAFW show we created two distinct hair looks as the show was presented in two completely separate sections, Chameleon, where 10 models wore one dress styled in 10 different ways and Slaughter, where the models wore items from the latest collection.

Style Inspiration for Slaughter
For Slaughter, the muse and reference was a young Brigitte Bardot, who, in her time was a strong activist against the wilful mistreatment of animals. Annah herself wanted to send a message about the carelessness with which we treat pigs in particular in our part of the world. With these references inspiration for the runway hair styles was drawn from the rockabilly bikers of the 50s and 60s.

Step-by-Step on Recreating the Slaughter Hair Style

  1. First the hair was blow-waved back and off the face with a large bristle brush.
  2. A very liberal application of Touch Control 05 mousse was applied and then layered with a little Woolshake 12 to give the hair a strong pliable texture, with a slightly matt almost powdery finish.
  3. The hair was then backcombed through the top section for height and smoothed over with a Mason Pearson brush before spraying heavily with Forceful 23 strong hold finishing spray to lock the shape into place and add a shiny almost helmet like finish.
  4. The lengths of the hair were left free so that when the girls moved, their hair swung and danced for them.
  5. The look was finished by attaching a small hair covered animal to the front of each of the girls hairdos. These animals were sourced from toy stores, individually matched to each of the girls and then a team of five spent approximately 60 hours gluing and trimming colour matched hair to each animal.

Style Inspiration for Chameleon

For Chameleon, the reference images we worked from were of a young pop punk princess and they gave us the essence of the woman that would wear this look. We really wanted to embrace this feeling and push into a more fashion forward and slightly more grown up look while still encapsulating the rebellion of the references.

Step-by-Step on Recreating the Chameleon Hair Style

  1. The hair was first prepped by applying Touch Control 05 mousse, section by section so that the hair was damp with product.
  2. The hair was then layered with Woolshake 12 for extra grit and texture before blast drying the hair.
  3. Hair was then brushed through with a large cushion brush, parted on the side and raked back with the hands into a ponytail at the nape.
  4. This ponytail was then twisted into a flat bun secured with pins and fixed into place with loads of Forceful 23 to give a shiny, lacquered finish to the slightly unruly looking  bun.
  5. The parting was then messed up and the fringe was arranged carefully over the face and right eye before being fixed into place with Workforce 09.

Key hair products used from the Redken range:

Touch Control 05
Woolshake 12
Workforce 09
Forceful 23
Check out Richard’s online portfolio available at

Images: Edward Hor
Runway Hair Style Guide and inspiration comes courtesy of Richard Kavanagh


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