Runway Hair How-to Guide: Sara Phillips

For Sara Phillips’ RAFW S/S 2010/11 collection my brief was to emulate the look from their upcoming lookbook. I wanted to make it a little more runway so we pushed the size of the hair and also the texture to make it a little more dramatic and romantic as the girls walked.

Style Inspiration
The inspirartion for the look was a combination of rockabilly trucker meets country girl home on the range. Rather than being androgynous, the hair was more of a fusing of feminine texture with a masculine shape to create a paradox of sexuality.

Step-by-Step on Recreating the Sara Phillips Hair Style

  1. First, the hair was prepared by applying a large handful of Redken Touch Control 05 styling mousse to dry hair, and blasting dry with a hot hairdryer.
  2. Then the hair was brushed thoroughly with a large Mason and Pearson cushion brush to create a romantic flyaway texture before creating the shape.
  3. The hair is then split into three distinct sections.
    1: Fringe, which is a large rough triangular shaped section which starts at the highest point of the head and goes to the front hairline.
    2: Sides and crown, which is created by taking a rough horizontal parting from the back of the left ear to the back of the right ear.
    3: Back, which is the hair left at the bottom of the back after creating the sides and crown section.
  4. Take one side of section 2 (the sides and crown) and sweep it up onto the crown. Pin it flat to the head at the crown with a couple of crossed bobby pins. Sweep the other side up and mush it flat onto the crown. Secure it into place hooking french or U-pins into it. Fix it into place with Redken Forceful 23 strong hold finishing spray.
  5. Next, lightly backcomb the fringe section, drag it forward and roll it back into a coif shape and pin into place. The back is left natural and loose.
  6. Finish by pulling bits of the hair into place with your fingers until it has a rough disheveeled feel and fix with some Redken Workforce 09 pliabe working spray.

Key hair products used from the Redken range:
Workforce 09
Forceful 23

Check out Richard’s online portfolio available at

Header Image: and Montage of Images: Edward Hor
Runway Hair Style Guide and inspiration comes courtesy of Richard Kavanagh


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