Sure.Shot Street Style Photographers Wanted

At present we are scouting for local and international street style photographers to contribute to our Sure.Shot street style section. If you have your own camera, can edit pictures yourself and have an eye for style – we want you!

Just for the record, the word ‘style’ has been loosely used as like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. But we are looking for the interesting, chic, high fashion,  individual, on-trend and fashion forward looks that are well put together.

The purpose of our Sure.Shot Street Style section is;  a/to inspire designers and the like b/to check out trends in other parts of the New Zealand and the world and c/to give the rest of us a bit of fashion eye candy.

If you are based in New Zealand or anywhere else in the world and think this could be for you, please visit our Vacancies section for more information or click here.

Image credit from L-R; Ed Hor, Kelly Jin & Calypso Paoli

One Response to “Sure.Shot Street Style Photographers Wanted”
  1. Billie J. Johnson says:

    Hey, im extremely interested in volunteering as a photographer. I have no proffesional training but i am passionate about fashion. I believe that fashion photography isnt just taking pictures but catching true beauty and telling a story. My Nz inspirations are Chris Sisarich and Tony Drayton as they are both amazing and taking beautiful cotoure-like fairytale photos. It would be an absolute pleasure to be chosen and it would definitley help me out in my last year of high school as i am doing level 3 photography. Thanks so much and hopefully, see you soon. Your Friend, Billie J. xx

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