30 Seconds to Mars ‘This is War’ Treasure Hunt

EMI Music NZ had so much fun hanging out with the winners of their 30 Seconds To Mars ‘This Is War’ scavenger hunt album listening party, that they’ve decided to do it all again! But bigger and better!

We know that you are just as excited as we are, that 30 Seconds To Mars are finally coming to New Zealand to play their very first show here, ever. Tuesday, 3rd of August, at Auckland’s Logan Campbell Centre; write it down! The date is ALL AGES and tickets go on sale from 9AM, on Thursday the 15th April from Ticketek.

What do I win?
EMI Music NZ have devised an online scavenger hunt to help you get closer to your favourite band. This is the treasure hunt, to end all treasure hunts, for fans of 30 Seconds To Mars. The grand-prize winner will not only win themselves two tickets to the Auckland show, they will also win the chance for themself and their best friend, to meet 30 Seconds To Mars at a special meet and greet event…. AND a Fixies bicycle – think the bikes from the ‘Kings And Queens’ music video – which you can get the band to sign when you meet them! There will also be three runner-up winners who will win tickets to the show and 30 Seconds To Mars meet and greet, for themselves and a friend.

How does it all work?
Beginning Thursday April 8th, there will be a new clue released each weekday at 4:30PM. Each ‘hunt’-week will run from Thursday to Wednesday and you will need to collect all five clues from each week, to find the secret location of jigsaw puzzle pieces online. There are ten puzzle pieces to hunt out and from them, you will be able to create a ticket. Once you have put together the jigsaw puzzle to form the ticket, you need to e-mail it and your contact phone number to iamasecretsecret@gmail.com pronto! The very first person to e-mail a correctly solved ticket, will win themselves first place and the grand prize!!

The next (second) person who e-mails a correctly solved ticket, will win runner-up prizes. There will be two more runner-up placings up for grabs… From every correctly solved ticket that is received (excluding those that have already won), two lots of three people will be drawn at random to fight it out in two separate 30 Seconds To Mars trivia quizzes, with the winner from each quiz being awarded the two final runners-up placings in the overall treasure hunt!

EMI Music NZ will also be giving away spot prizes of 30 Seconds To Mars NZ tour posters, stickers, CD’s and band merch throughout the entire hunt.


  • Follow EMI Music NZ on Twitter at http://twitter.com/EMIMusicNZ
  • Hunt out each new clue, every weekday at 4:30PM.
  • Solve all five clues in a hunt-week. Each clue will give you one letter or character.
  • Make sure to keep all the letters/characters that you solve within a hunt-week, in order!
  • With all the letters/characters in order, insert them straight into the end of this web-address: http://www.theinsoundfromwayout.co.nz/
  • If you solved all the weeks clues correctly, you will be taken to a web-page which will contain a picture file of a jigsaw puzzle piece. Save it to your computer!
  • The final clue of the final hunt-week will be released at 4:30PM on Wednesday, the 16th of June. As soon as you have found the final jigsaw puzzle piece, you will need to put together the jigsaw using all ten pieces to create a ticket.
  • As soon as you have managed to put together the ticket, e-mail it as a .JPG file to: iamasecretsecret@gmail.com
  • If you are not one the first three to e-mail a correctly solved ticket, you will have one final chance at being drawn at random to take part in a 30 Seconds To Mars trivia competition on on Thursday June 17th to win the final runners-up placing in the treasure hunt.

Designer Direction has your thirty-sixth clue in the treasure hunt, below…
‘This Is War’ Clue #36. The Maid of Orléans became a martyr at age nineteen. What is the second digit of the year of her death?

Become a fan of T.White’s Bikes at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=39451529746
Read the terms and conditions that apply at: http://www.theinsoundfromwayout.co.nz/30stm-treasurehunt-termscondition/
For more competition details and FAQ: http://www.theinsoundfromwayout.co.nz/30stm-treasurehunt/


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