Runway of Sin at Design & Arts College Fashion Show

On Monday night despite the cold weather in Christchurch, friends, family and fashion enthusiasts flocked to see the designer showcase from students of the Design & Arts college as part of their annual fashion event “Cover Story”. Held in the Bedford, a converted warehouse bar in the hub of the city, a packed out audience were presented with a visual symphony of innovative fashion, make-up and body art.

With all make up and hair being completed by the Beauty and makeup students The first year students wowed the audiences with their interpretations of 1 of the 7 deadly sins. With a brief written around recyclable materials Alexis Anderson’s interpretation ‘the sloth’ was a manipulated variation of chunky knits into cozy garments which were so enticing I wanted to curl right up in my seat and laze away the hours.

Alex Anderson's 'Sloth'

Second year students showed their tailoring skills within a 4 outfit collection. Concepts from the 1988 film ‘Beetle Juice’ to ‘The Gold Digger’,  provided the audience with a vast array of individual talent. Standout trends within the group were obvious followers of leather and fur with play on prints and the very popular paisley making an appearance.

The war went on between uses of bullets, safety pins and bike chains versus feminine silhouettes and delicate fabrics. Echoing the civil rights movement and political unrest Zikona Ngxaban’s models took to the runway with mouths taped and showered in bullets.

Zikona Ngxaban

Zikona Ngxaban

Drape, over sized chiffon shirts, cute socks and smocked handbags, kicked off the 3rd year fashion section as Samantha Colliers designs hit the runway.

Samantha Collier

Styling from one designer had a country (or city?) lad struggling with his identity in an interesting ensemble combining a floral cotton knit, check shirt, beanie and thrashed jeans.

A crowd favorite on the night was Anna Blease with “Impressions” which was inspired from her past generation family photos.  Anna’s desire for this collection was created to be personal not necessarily a fashionable story, but her pretty muted colour pallet of soft pinks, browns and creams, and a mix of silks and knits depicted her rugged West Coast heritage. Anna believes her designs ‘speak for themselves’ and this we must agree on.

Anna Blease

Anna Blease

Anna Blease

Born and bred in Canterbury 20year Anna already has a portfolio to delight any fashion house, she has assisted as NZ fashion week, done an internship at Coco Pr and worked on numerous shows with Angela Stone. Watch this space….

Review by: Pagan Banfield & Gracie Whiteman
Photographer: Kyle Williams for D&A

3 Responses to “Runway of Sin at Design & Arts College Fashion Show”
  1. Judy Wong says:

    I don’t know what you guys out there think, my view is that, the only chance that any design student has, to really “express” his/her feeling/ideas, is at art & design school/college/university. I feel that the show is a little commercial. May be they are of a commercial projects, sorry if I have offended anybody.
    Why are the models are so unhappy? Hair tied back in a rigid bun. I thought soft pink, cream all those muted colours should represent happiness, let loose, no?
    Zikona Ngxaban – like what I saw so far. Making a statement, directional, great.

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