Adidas Originals Street Party Hits Auckland

Just like you see on the ad’, street wear giants Adidas held their ‘adidas originals Street Party’ at an inner city location, which leaked out onto the roof top. Held at Plaything gallery, the venue was a  great choice because unlike many Auckland galleries it is a big space with a roof top that is very party friendly.

No room to move at the adidas originals street party

In true Adidas fashion, the place was decked out with everything one would imagine an urban, street wear consuming person could ever wish for. An array of skateboarders provided the roof spectators with tricks to watch and all the while the Adidas logo was projected onto the side of a building for party goers to gander at.

Rooftop Tricks

Bombing on the walls & party goers taking a break

With musical performances from David Dallas, Homebrew and Jay-Z’s very own tour DJ – Neil Armstrong (who was flown over especially for the event) the down stairs party was truly going off!

Completely packed out with people dancing, sipping 42 Below and just hanging out, you can be rest assured that Adidas will be congratulating themselves on yet another successful roof top party.

Now that's dancing

Adidas clad enthusiasts were rife, which was to be expected and there were some great looks and interesting people.

Hello? Is anyone there?

Adidas cemented that their clothes can be worn by anyone; anyway, it’s all about personal style.

Words: Robecca Leyden
Photographer: Calypso Paoli


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