Viking + Woodland Creatures to Covet

Fistful of woodland creatures - Victoria Green

When she isn’t designing winning collections for our Discovered Fashion Design Competition, Victoria Green is channeling her creativity through jewellery making, illustration and crafting wee bags to fill with trinkets.

Upon meeting Victoria for the first time I found her fingers bedecked with amazing hand sculpted finger candy; a taxidermy free, deers head in off-white was complemented by a ring of brilliantly crafted wings. Her hands were literally overwhelmed with a forest of wonderful rings, rings that I wanted all for myself.

Sculpted Wings & a Midnight Deer + Amethyst Crown

Sculpted Wings & a Midnight Deer + Amethyst Crown

Each ring is crafted from polymer clay, some are painted and varnished while others are kept au-naturel like the deer head I so desperately wanted to pry from her hand. Victoria’s current inspiration comes from Scandinavian folklore, Vikings, paintings by John Bauer, ancient mythology, metal music, and wild woodland animals.

Victoria says “There’s something about wearing wild animal rings that makes everyday a bit more fun. I wanted to make things that have their own character and are a bit different to what is out there at the moment.”

Mr Rabbit in a bow tie

Mr Rabbit in a bow tie

Different indeed. Too often nowadays we see resin, shell  or sterling silver clones of the same shape and form, and Victoria’s fun approach to ring design is great to see. We may come from a country packed with sheep, but does it mean we want or need to follow the pack? No.

What is great about the range is not the ridiculously low prices starting at a meager $20, nay – it’s the fact these are 100%, unadulterated, local. Say goodbye to shopping for over-priced pieces from the McDonald’s-like chain stores of the jewellery industry, these woodland folk are reared on local soil and free from mass production.

So where might you find these finger delights? Victoria has been holding down a stall at the Cassette Supermarkets on Vulcan Lane in Auckland each Saturday from 12pm, and you can catch her down there on the weekend or e-mail her directly with enquiries on

Praise: Melody Wehipeihana
Images: Victoria Green

4 Responses to “Viking + Woodland Creatures to Covet”
  1. corinnetan says:

    omgggggg i neeeed.

    • nzfashion says:

      Dear Corinne,

      I too feel the same way. Haha. Victoria sold ALL of her deer and wings at the Casette Supermarkets on Saturday and made these ones especially to take pic’s for us. You should e-mail her and get one! They are less than $30 each and SO AWESOME! Mel

  2. Daniel Whyte says:

    Vic’s work is amazing you can really see the hard work and thought she puts into everything she does, and thats what great design is all about.

    • nzfashion says:

      Hi Daniel,

      I totally agree. She has a great eye for design across many disciplines and I am a fan of all of her work!

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂


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