Redken Celebrates 50 Years of Achievement in Style

Redken 50th Birthday - Winchey Zheng

Redken is an American born brand which all started in a woman’s bathroom. One almost couldn’t quite believe the transformation 50 years has brought. That’s what Monday night was all about: celebrating 50 years of outstanding achievement. Redken is now one of the top haircare brands in the world; and is the official hair product used at many major fashion shows like Versace, Prada and YSL to name just a few. DD went along to the Reden 50th anniversary to check out what 50 years of achievement looked like and to soak up the amazing hair styles.

Held at Wellesley Shed 6 in Auckland, Redken went all out with live dancers, live hair styling and a performance by Ruby Frost who has been dubbed the next Gin Wigmore.

Redken 50th Birthday - Avant Garde - Winchey Zheng

Avant garde hair-up

Redken 50th Birthday - Avant Garde - Winchey Zheng

Part of the avant garde performance

Redken 50th Birthday - Avant Garde - Winchey Zheng

One of the Redken team participating in the live styling

Redken 50th Birthday - Live Styling - Winchey Zheng

More live styling from Redken

Redken 50th Birthday - Ruby Frost - Winchey Zheng

Ruby Frost singing her heart out

The evening had quite an introduction; models danced about in extravagant feathered head pieces in a delightful performance masterminded by Jo May. Jo explained that her segment in the show was themed around the avant garde, and that things are always evolving and like fashion, especially ‘hair fashion’ it is always changing and re-creating itself. This concept was juxtaposed with clothes and styling from well known brands such as Stolen Girlfriend’s Club, Kate Sylvester and Ksubi.

Redken 50th Birthday - Winchey Zheng

Redken 50th Birthday - Winchey Zheng

Redken 50th Birthday - Winchey Zheng

Redken 50th Birthday - Winchey Zheng

The show overall was a group effort; conceptualized, produced, written and directed by the Redken Artist Network with support and guidance from Katrina Foster and Richard Kavanagh. When speaking to Richard Kavanagh, pretty much THE big kahuna when it comes to hair styling, I asked him what his favourite Redken products are, so we, the common folk can have amazing hair too. Richard recommends Redken Workforce hairspray, which he takes to EVERY photo shoot because it’s fantastically light and gives amazing texture. Note from Ed’: Duly noted and added to the shopping list.

Backstage I also got talking with some of the incredibly talented hairdressers; such as Mana Dave (winner of the Hairexpo hairdresser of the year) from BLAZE in New Market, and Tim Riwhi from the South Island. Mana’s favourite hair of the night was Richard Kavanagh’s black ‘mushroom’ hair, this looks exactly like it sounds: the hair is extremely big and falls in an umbrella or mushroom shape.

Redken 50th Birthday - Winchey Zheng

Richard Kavanagh's 'Mushroom' hair style

I also loved one of Mana’s concepts which was nearly a reverse of Richard’s black Mushroom; blonde, yes very big, but very textured. The inspiration behind this concept was hair that’s big, bold, and playing with opposites like mixing soft and hard. While Riwhi gathered inspiration from volume too; he also liked the idea of playing with going from big to small and vice versa.

Redken 50th Birthday - Winchey Zheng

Blonde, big and awesome

Redken 50th Birthday - Winchey Zheng

Grand finale walk from the avant garde models

The evening was a huge hit with the audience and from the looks of it Redken will be around for another 50years of great hair!

Check out our gallery from the night right here…

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Review: Robecca Leyden
Photography: Winchey Zheng


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