Sans Pareil Vintage at Cassette SuperMarkets

There are plenty of markets happening this season and one in particular that we rate  highly are the ‘SuperMarkets’ held at Cassette Number Nine on Vulcan Lane in Auckland.

The SuperMarkets are run every Saturday from noon till 5pm with beer on tap, cupcakes are usually present as are heaps of young, up and coming designers wanting to showcase their ideas and wares. At the SuperMarkets you will find vintage clothes, unique jewellery and of course arts and crafts. One stall in particular that we recommend you check out is ‘Sans Pareil’.

Sans Pareil is an Auckland based duo that work with vintage clothing, re-working it to make it more contemporary. They have been described by the fashion label Dmonic Intent as “…Aside from original goods the girls also have an eclectic collection of vintage clothes they have up-cycled to create original pieces fitting their style”. The girls themselves characterise their stuff as “…accumulated vintage clothing,[we have] cleaned them up and added/altered anything we think will make it cute. Our style is girlie ballerina meets a bit grunge”. So feel free to mosey on down this Saturday and say hi to the lovely girls at Sans Pareil!

You can catch Sans Pareil for the next two Saturdays at the Cassette SuperMarkets as well as on:

Words & Images: Robecca Leyden

2 Responses to “Sans Pareil Vintage at Cassette SuperMarkets”
  1. Shaw's says:

    Beer on tap and cupcakes? Sounds like a great time to me!

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