Behind the Seams at Debut Fashion Show

Before the CPIT Debut Fashion Show held a few weeks back, Pagan and Chloe got to hang out backstage and get up close and personal with a few of the designers who took part. It was a grueling few months leading up to the show and the work involved for each designer reads a bit like a Mastercard commercial;

Two weeks of work experience with a New Zealand designer,
One collection with an average of twenty plus garments,
One four minute show,
Two weeks worth of rehearsals, numerous model fittings, makeup trials and hair trials.
Finally saying goodbye to the 18 hour days, sleepless nights and sewing machine battles once it’s all done and dusted: priceless.

Bike Me: Winter 2011 collection by Jay Vatananan for Huffer

Jay who completed her work experience with Huffer talks to Pagan about her collection.

Bike Me winter 2011 - PaulThelin

What is your theme/inspiration behind your collection?
This collection is a head on collision involving standard everyday garments with a touch of motorbike attire through style, colour and fabric. The monotone colours with a splash of red are used with acid wash denim leather patches, lace trim and curved panel lines keeping in mind function comfort and minimalist fashion.

What was your brief given to you from your work placement?
I was given a brief from Huffer to design my collection using the following words, motorbike, curve, 60’s and unity. My collection was to have the same design aesthetic as Huffer and to target the same market but to be very individual and artistic also.

How many garments do you have in your collection?
I have 23 garments in this collection and 9 models

How many hours do you think you have put in so far? Do you feel you have managed your time well?
At least 16 hours a day! You begin to feel like you are living here! It’s great though as the class gets along very well.

What do you plan on doing once this year is finished?
I would eventually love to have my own street wear label.

Designer Jay applying makeup to a model - Pagan Banfield

Designer Jay applying makeup to a model

Twisted Gezers: Winter 2011 collection by Nikki Mcallum for MisteR

Pagan talks to Nikki who put in 100 hour weeks to create a 21 piece collection for the show.

Twisted Geezer winter 2011 - PaulThelin

What is your theme/inspiration behind your collection?
My theme is Oliver Twist. I wanted to do menswear with an English lean because I love British wool fabrics and tailored cuts. I wanted to chose a theme that was simple to develop but with a lot of scope.

The guys in the story were poor street urchins and would dress in what they could steal from aristocracy, as a result the look was mismatched and quirky. I liked that they wore clashing colors and textures, that young boys dressed like older gentleman as was in those days.

Menswear I believe needs a strong masculine story behind it so I wanted to use male characters that ‘real’ men may relate to. The danger with my research into Oliver Twist was that my collection could become too historical or too ‘costumey’ so I looked for a contemporary example of ‘underground geezers’ and of course Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was an obvious conclusion.

Did you enjoy your work experience and what did you learn from it?
I enjoyed being a part of a team, we all worked together for two weeks on the production of their winter range. I was more than happy to help out in any way I could, I mostly just fused jackets but what I learned was that despite the laborious work the result is totally worth it. When you see the clothes on the rack looking gorgeous and ready to be sent out to the stores there is such a huge sense of achievement.

What was your brief given to you from your work placement?
Mickey and Ra were really keen to let me do my own thing, I think they would have been disappointed if I had just copied their style. So they set the brief to be quite loose. 100% natural fibres was absolutely essential as they strongly believe in the superiority of natural over synthetic. The styling and theme could be vintage inspired but the designs must be modern and fashion conscious. This basically means slim line. Attention to detail is important, subtle or bold – it’s the small things that count.

How would you describe your collection?
Tailored, textured and twisted.

What do you plan on doing once this year is finished? What are your goals?
I just want to work! I really do not mind where I go or what I do, just getting that first job is really important. Although in saying that I know that I wouldn’t last long just sitting in front of a computer all day, so I would have to carefully consider any opportunities. My ultimate job would be making costumes for film.

Nikki getting in some last minute sewing - Pagan Banfield

Nikki getting in some last minute sewing

On D-day for the show I came upon Jenna, a student from the Design and Arts College currently studying makeup artistry. I sat her down and asked her a few questions about what she enjoys about her profession and where she would like to see herself after study.

Jenna applying lashes to a model - Pagan Banfield

Jenna applying lashes to a model

Where do you envision yourself post study?
After my makeup and design course at the design and arts collage I would like to become a full-time makeup artist or apprentice working on movies and commercials and would love to continue working on fashion shows, stage productions, weddings, photo shoots etc.

It’s great learning how to become a makeup artist, its great fun and different everyday!. Our world is always colourful and interesting!

What do you enjoy most about being a makeup artist?
Everything’s a challenge and I love a good challange! My favourite part is seeing the client happy after the job is done.

The makeup team - Pagan Banfield

The makeup team for the CPIT Debut show

Daleana - Miss World entrant 2009 - Pagan Panfield

Daleana, Miss World entrant 2009 getting ready

For more images from the CPIT Debut runway show and designer collections please visit this link.

Written by: Pagan Banfield
Runway images: Paul Thelin
Backstage images: Pagan Banfield

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