NZFW Runway Report: Nom*D AW11

Margarita Robertson had us mystified and intrigued when her invitations assigned no seating.  A witty note advised us not to panic – ‘but bring feet’.  We were enchanted.  The Nom*D show had us inhaled into a vortex, that transported the audience to a Dali-like landscape.  Entitled Danse Macabre, a story that featured three act scenes; it was a creative production that includes credits from star stylist Karen Inderbitzen-Waller.

As the photographers forced their way to set-up and people moved in closer for a better view, not one person could anticipate how the show would unfold. It was a sensory overload and it was a hard act to follow – literally!

A table for eight, but where were the guests?  A lone actress, wielding a whip, fusses over the table arrangement in a standout dark-as-night, a-frame coat laden with hem detailing.

Saloon whore styling with a dark twist, glooms over the table as the guests arrive. De-constructed looks with leather lapels, cropped jackets and cowboy tones set the mood.

Knee-length knitted dresses are purposely frayed at the hem, and layer contrasts of white bring the details to life.  Fine lace dresses, checked flannelette vests and full skirts swathe to the beat of music.

‘The Star of Wormwood’ – singer Rebekah Davies, fully clad in a leather bodice, hemmed with what appeared to be a tumorous mass that seem to overlap and spread anywhere.
With all things considered a definite influence of western backdrops and costumes, rich in texture and theme.

Note from Ed’: There are too many images to publish in the article so please check out our runway gallery to capture the entire performance!

Visit the official Nom*D website for stockist information;

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Review: Jason Tapuai-Kuka
Photographer: Winchey Zheng


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