NZFW Runway Report & Gallery: Ruby AW11

Outside, a malicious wind allied with an icy cold rain scraped against the roads and bare walls. Inside, however, a little show was warming the hearts of its attendees and even their bottoms thanks to some lovely sheepskin mats placed atop the seats. A long time favourite with the young Newmarket and Remuera set, Ruby has done marvellously in retail and this year, they decided to go runway.

Their latest collection, The Adventurers, evoked memories of camping trips although the show was admittedly far more fashionable than any camping trip I have ever been on. The very first ensemble paired a peachy padded jacket with a green peacoat.

Unlike many first-timers who endeavour to be perhaps too diverse for their own good, Ruby kept the collection pertinent and pretty. Lovely colours borrowed from nature such as forest green and berry, were combined with dainty pale pinks, bright coral pinks and bright cobalt blues.

The Adventurers had a strong sixties vibe with innocent little dresses and thick chunky fabric. Featuring one strong outfit after the other, Ruby definitely made it hard to choose one’s favourite. I for one saw several looks that looked worth depleting my bank account including a royal blue jacket with broad peach-coloured lapels.

Another great look was the long loose-fitting navy waistcoat paired with quilted shorts and chunky knit jumper.

Of course, being Ruby, there had to be ruffles, whether it was on dresses, or lining shirts or down trouser legs. Sunglasses were slung around shoulders and necks adding a whimsical, distinctly Ruby look.

Overall, Ruby has translated excellently from retail to runway, and we here at DD hope to attend more of their warm furry fuzzy shows in the future.

Visit the official Ruby website for stockist information;

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Review: Kelly Jin
Photography: Winchey Zheng


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