NZFW Runway Report: Ag Research

There is no Dane Rumble and no rugby player sitting in the front row this time. Instead, several silver-haired science-types adjust their glasses as they soak up the best seats in the house. I suppose it is fitting to have a more mature business/science oriented crowd for a show under the name of AgResearch.

The concept of the show is quite brilliant with a sort of Project Runway twist. Ten local designers were given unique fabrics designed by AgResearch and each produced several garments using the material provided.

As expected, each outfit had a distinct look and offered a different perspective of wool. My favourite piece was Alexandra Owen’s white jacket and shirt getup with diamond pleats and crisp shirt. It was highly reflective of Owen’s sharp tailored style but with added sportiness.

Alexandra Owen NZFW 2010 - Ag Research

Alexandra Owen NZFW 2010 - Ag Research

Salasai’s orange and black combo was another standout and had a highly wearable urban feel. The black shirt with burnt orange sleeves looked ever so comfortable as did the slouchy drop crotch pants.

Salasai NZFW 2010 - Ag Research

Salasai NZFW 2010 - Ag Research

Trix and Dandy took the casual look even further with a very simple fuschia tee-shirt and a plain black skirt. It was most definitely an everyday look and adhered to Trix and Dandy’s playful image.

Trix and Dandy NZFW 2010 - Ag Research

Trix and Dandy NZFW 2010 - Ag Research

On the other end of the spectrum was Emma Ford with a knockout sexy black dress. Simple yet stunning, the one-shouldered mini-dress could easily be worn to a high-end club for a fun night out.Emma Ford NZFW 2010 - Ag Research

All in all, AgResearch offered a smorgasbord of woolly options from casual chic to formal suits and even party frocks. So two thumbs up to these local designers and I hope the innovative materials featured will become more prevalent in the market.

For more information about the textiles used by each designer please visit the Ag Research website link here

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Review: Kelly Jin
Header Image is of NYNE garment from
Photographer: Winchey Zheng


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