NZFW Runway Report & Gallery: Matchi Motchi AW11

Matchi Motchi is such a cute and fun name that you can’t help but mention it at every given opportunity. It has a lovely singsong quality to it and it suggests a sort of child-like playfulness. Indeed, there is a wonderful element of dreaminess and imagination in Matchi Motchi’s collection that evokes youthfulness.

The opening look set the tone with its strong structural element. A desert-hued, puffy delight, the two-piece ensemble was not the most wearable outfit but it did have an interesting texture that inspired much aesthetic intrigue.

Overall, the collection had a strong exo-skeletal focus with elaborately formed spirals on exaggerated hips, feeler-like features protruding from pants and even origami-esque triangles jutting from trousers.

While the general silhouette of the garments was sharp and structured, there was some very successful draping that added softness to the show. Loose slouchy tops were also highly prevalent and kept the collection from becoming a surreal caricaturein general, the colours were either dark and rich, bright silvery hues, or sandy. There was a kind of magnificant refulgence to many of the garments making them seem even more other-wordly.

Matchi Motchi did not shy away from details as evidenced by the abundance of folds in jackets and skirts. Sleeves were often made to be the focal point through adorning them with vertebrae-like loops and caps.

For an extra kick of fun, Matchi Motchi also sent a colourful tulled model down the runway. The look was a little reminiscent of a very pretty loofah and perhaps a bit of a departure from the rest of the collection. It was however, undoubtedly the embodiment of the more radical and experimental side of Matchi Motchi’s identity, which was very much alive in the show today.

Visit the official Matchi Motchi website for stockist information;

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Review by: Kelly Jin
Header Image: Corinne Tan
Runway Photography: Natasha Hing

3 Responses to “NZFW Runway Report & Gallery: Matchi Motchi AW11”
  1. This designer had jaw dropping designs – really enjoyed his show – what absolute talent

    • nzfashion says:

      Hi Ferne!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the show 🙂 Mum said that you were attending the show and also the designers wedding. This is Melody, Eva’s daughter from Waihi Beach!

      Melody – Editor

      • HI Melody
        Matchi Motchi show was absolutely spectacular – he deserves to be up there with the likes of John Galliano – Alexander McQueen – I always believed he had huge talent but I did not realise he is a GENIUS. My vote is with him all the way – he is a super talented young designer. Good to hear from you

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