NZ Fashion Week : The Good, the Bad & the Fugly

It’s fashion and with this stylish beast of an industry comes the good and inevitably the bad. We share what were the best bits of NZ Fashion week aaaaand the not so good bits. Were you at fashion week? What were your highlights or low-lights? We would love to hear from you!

Good Times

World of Fun
The World show at the Langham which had all the right elements; fun, frivolity and food! It was refreshing to see something different at fashion week and trust the World team to put on something spectacular.

Photographer: Corinne Tan

Walk, walk, fashion baby
Seeing our friend and winner of the NZFW New Talent Comp’; Hunter McLeod walk at fashion week.

Maaike AW11 at NZFW - Corinne Tan

Hunter McLeod models Maaike AW11 at NZFW

Photographer: Corinne Tan

Big girls don’t cry….they strut!
The Sera Lilly and TCD shows which had models larger than a size 8. Nice.

Sera Lilly AW 2011 - The Sisters of San Salvador - Winchey Zheng

Sera Lilly

Photographer: Winchey Zheng

The Carpenters Daughter

Photographer: Winchey Zheng

I wish I was a little bit taller..
As always, the great music at the twenty seven names show. Twas a a fantastic mix of 90’s hip-hop, 60’s and 70’s rock that was full of energy. If you missed the show, why not download the mix from right hurr.

Final walk at 27Names

Photography: Winchey Zheng

Props to Miromoda
We are impressed with the caliber of design coming through from the winners of the Miromoda ‘Maori’ Fashion Design competition. It’s the second year the Miromoda has shown at fashion week and hope to see more in the future!

One of Shona Tawhiao's designs from the Miromoda show

Photographer: Natasha Hing

Not-so-Good Times

Ego-tripping photographer
Having a well known photographer bully our backstage photographer demanding they not take images of models on a ‘black’ background in case their photos looked the ‘same’. A ridiculous request that you will be happy to know was ignored.

Model shot backstage on a 'black' background

Photographer: Corinne Tan

One of these things doesn’t belong here, one of these things is one and the same
Finding two other well known NZ Fashion websites had used one of our fashion week images albeit the SAME image – without permission or credit – to promote their own NZFW 2010 coverage. That being said, one of the websites publicly apologised on Twitter and within 24 hours the images were removed.

Image in question from the 2009 NZ Fashion Week

Photographer: Winchey Zheng

Obscurity onstage
The Nom*D show focused more on the performance and not on the clothes. Hardly anyone could see the garments in all their glory which was unfortunate but nonetheless the show was pretty good.

Nom*D Stage

One of the scenes from Nom*D's AW11 Danse Macabre show

Photographer: Winchey Zheng

Invite and accreditation woes
Ticketing and backstage accreditation nightmares on day one. Thankfully Ming and Imogen at Cathy Campbell Communications helped to get our team sorted.

Diva’s and dodginess
Hearing of all the front row seat thefts, hissy fits over seating and goody bag tussles. We feel sorry for the poor volunteer ushers and publicists who had to deal with this bad behavior.

Words: Melody Wehipeihana


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