NZFW Runway Report & Gallery: Alexandra Owen AW11

Alexandra Owen is a designer that is taking New Zealand fashion to the fore.  With impeccable tailoring and unique, technical approach to fabrics, this collection was king. Last year Owen took on a darker, sombre mood, but now, winter takes a turn towards clothes that are fit to be seen at the royal court and ladies-in-waiting.  Once again we came, we saw and we loved, loved, loved.

The first entries were tailored jackets, in a lustre navy blue and soft black, that endow a ‘queen of hearts’ collar that made for a regal impression – couture-like.  Dresses and skirts are in full quilted details that don buttons or not.

The coats had luxury written all over them.  They featured high collars and wide cuffs with hems that skimmed the knees. High shine and metallic’s reigned in gold, copper with satins in rich browns and silky greys.  Pocket details were exaggerated – stash pockets on pinafore shaped dresses had that quilted effect too.

Coats were set apart from the jackets quilting with the undulating, meticulous gathering and ruching that create an appearance of warped and twisted metal that has undergone strenuous metalwork.  The same metalwork-like formations were even more exaggerated for dresses.

Trousers were reworked from the harem shape into a much more billowy formation or straight cut.  Models were sporting fencing masks – a sport for gentlemen – which enriched that royal attitude.  Overall, a collection that I dare the late Lady Di would not object to.

Visit the official Alexandra Owen website for stockist information:

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Review: Jason Tapuai-Kuka
Backstage image: Corinne Tan
Header Image & Runway Photography: Winchey Zheng


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