Crystal Renns’ Fashion Feast for French Vogue

Fashion photographer Terry Richardson is no stranger to controversey. Notorious for shooting provocative images with sexual overtones Richardsons’ latest editorial for Vogue Paris’ 90th anniversary edition is no different.

The newly published October editorial entitled ‘Festin’ (or feast in english) features plus-size model Crystal Renn on a gluttonous rampage, gorging on everything from black sausage, blue steak and enough spaghetti to feed a family of eight. One can’t help but feel queasy or even repulsed at the sheer voraciousness.

I have a few theories on the inspiration behind the shoot and the message Richardson is trying to convey;
1.  There is a definite parallel between the rich and ostentatious; expensive jewellery crowds every shot as does a somewhat lascivious hunger for everything in Renn’s path. It’s a showy display of ones means using food and flashy jewellery in a grotesque and over-the-top manner.
2. It’s an ‘f-you’ from Crystal Renn and to all the plus-size model haters. What better way to show people you don’t give a damn, by modeling in a satirical shoot stuffing your face?

On the flip-side many would argue that outspoken Renn is causing harm to her career. Why oh why would she consider cavorting around with a side of beef between her legs while deep throating a giant squid? At least she looks like she’s enjoying it and no doubt she enjoyed the cheque in the mail from Vogue.

What do you think of the photoshoot? Great or grotesque?

Words: Melody Wehipeihana

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2 Responses to “Crystal Renns’ Fashion Feast for French Vogue”
  1. Vanya says:

    Mmm… Yummy! LOL! That made me gag, but in a good way. I agree with your theories, they are entirely plausible.

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