Top Shop UNIQUE Now at The Department Store

Lovers of Top Shop will be happy to know that Top Shop UNIQUE has just landed and is now available at The Department Store in Takapuna.

The season that kiwi’s will be privvy to is the UNIQUE Autumn/Winter 2010 collection which draws inspiration from the great outdoors. Following the Brownie motto ‘Be Prepared’, outerwear is protective and functional, whilst luxurious fake furs and delicate chiffons evoke woodland wildlife.

You will note that this is a winter collection but there are plenty of lightweight pieces that can be worn right now and during summer. The leggings and jackets would be perfect for the mighty cold weather we are currently experiencing so don’t be put off.

The Top Shop UNIQUE collection is available as of Friday October 1st  (that’s today) from The Department Store, 10 Northcroft St, Takapuna, Auckland.

Visit the official Department Store website here:

Header image: Rag-Pony
Runway images: Showroom 22

One Response to “Top Shop UNIQUE Now at The Department Store”
  1. Skyebro says:

    I would love to return to the the TOPSHOP on Oxford Street in London! Massive dept store, the most largest selection of clothes in one place.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the opening of TOPSHOP at the Department Store in Takapuna however its sad that NZ only has one outlet in which to purchase TOPSHOP clothing. As the collections in London are changing every week and we only get the pieces selected by the Department Store at times it feels though we are missing out on heaps of possibilities.

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