Nicole Miller at New Zealand Fashion Week

The highlight for me during fashion week was without a doubt – the Nicole Miller show – and I should be so lucky. I have been watching Miller since the whole Tyra vs Naomi debacle started, and that’s a long, long time ago. I’ve always thought of Nicole Millers clothing as flirtatious and fun, but this show seemed more edgy and monochromatic than normal.

Details of skull cross-bone embroidery, slashes on tee’s, ‘doodle’ prints seen up-and-down dresses, bondage details and laced-up eyelets where ever possible it seemed.

Image: Corinne Tan

Image: Corinne Tan

See what I mean about being more edgy? But details were not ‘grungy’ or ‘punked-up’ as you would think. Quality in workmanship was definitely employed for this collection, apropos a juxtaposition of elegant textiles and glamorised hard edge details – summing up a collection that is full of feminine pieces with overtly aggressive elements.

Maxi silk georgette skirts and sheer sheaths and gauzy dresses provided an elongated silhouette. Knits were cashmere or wool – there was a chunkier than chunky black wool knit hooded poncho that looked heavy but was probably lighter than expected in weight.

Stunning mini-skirts and dresses had open-sleeved details and eye-catching appliqué with the odd racer-back details show-casing a bare back laden with bondage elastic straps or exposed zips.

Prints were subtle, beaded or sequined, abstract and graphic. Hems had a deconstructed cut-away effect or fell away with draped precision.

Everything seemed so fresh, coherent and exciting. I especially liked the second to last piece – a black jersey floor length dress that had that lace-up detail.

Nicole Miller, it was a pleasure to witness such knowledgeable artisan skill at a level I anticipate New Zealand designers will undoubtedly match.

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Review: Jason Tapuai-Kuka
Header Image: Michael Ng for NZ Fashion Week
Runway Photography: Winchey Zheng

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  1. onstk says:

    very nice site thanks alot bookmarkd and share in facebook!

  2. Brittney says:

    How can I buy these clothes?

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