Viking + Woodland Creatures to Covet

Fistful of woodland creatures - Victoria Green

Upon meeting Victoria for the first time I found her fingers bedecked with amazing hand sculpted finger candy; a taxidermy free, deers head in off-white was complemented by a ring of brilliantly crafted wings. Her hands were literally overwhelmed with a forest of wonderful rings, rings that I wanted all for myself.


Tobe. Understated Kicks to Invest In

It’s no secret that I am a fan of what some might consider to be ‘outlandish’ footwear. Lost Not Lonelys’ Dusty Bootish spring to mind and McQueens’ Gieger-esque, skeletel heels from his Plato’s Atlantis collection also join my gallery of shoe art to covet. Despite my penchant for the adventurous (or monstrous) and avant garde, one cannot disregard the clean lines of a well made pair of kicks. Step up Tobe, a Wellington based sneaker design label

Paper Eyelashes the New Lash-cessory

Paper lashes, who would have thought? It’s not the kind of lash-cessory you would to shed a tear in while wearing (or get a nasty paper cut) and unlike it’s synthetic friends it holds little immunity to the elements. With that all said, how can you resist fluttering your lids wearing paper-lash cherry blossoms or even tiny horses?

Dilemma Causing Chaos for Shoe Lovers

Our Designer Direction Ed’ has fallen victim to the charms of a certain pair of heels. Beautiful heels to appease the avaricious shoe addict within.

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