Designer Spotlight: Vaughan Geeson

Vaughan Geeson is a new fashion designer on the block and as the NKOTB boys would say (or sing), he has the ‘right stuff‘. Things are on the up and up for this newcomer. After only three seasons his self titled womenswear label is stocked in six stores in New Zealand including a boutique in Japan … Continue reading

Designer Spotlight: Blaire Archibald

Blaire Archibald. For Gossip Girl fans the name is a combination of two of the most fabulous characters in the Upper East but for those in the fashion know, Blaire Archibald is an up and coming designer loaded with talent and could possibly pioneer a new era for New Zealand menswear.

Designer Spotlight: Reiko Fukuda

I never knew I needed pantlets until Reiko Fukuda, a young style aficionado from AUT, showcased a snazzy pair in the 2009 AUT Fashion Rookie show. They were gorgeous and I had to have them. Designer Direction was fortunate enough to talk to the super stylish designer behind these sexy gems.

Designer Spotlight: Lan Ching Fu

Just like the amazing chain mail detail she featured in her ’09 Fashion Rookie collection, Lan’s personality is shiny and effervescent. Not days after her amazing défilé, Lan’s collection, “Bright Eye” was given a mention on Good Morning New Zealand. Seriously, it would be near impossible to overlook this cool cat with an eye for artisanship and Designer Direction was eager to sit down, have a yarn and get the 411.

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